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Centurio Dark

Centurio Dark
Centurio Dark

With this new wheel, called Centurio, Advanti Racing presents an exciting symbiosis of classic as well as modern design. Ten spokes meet up with dynamic accents. The result is a clever and well-formed wheel, which enhances your vehicle’s appearance easily even when your vehicle is not moving. Centurio can be bought in matt gunmetal and is technically appropriate for limousines of the middle class like Audi A4, BMW 3 or Mercedes C-Class.




matt gunmetal
Dimension Holes RRP (in €)
7,5 x 17 H25 x 100/105/108/112/114/120
129,00 €
8,0 x 18 H25 x 100/105/108/112/114/120
160,00 €
8,5 x 19 H25 x 108/112/114/120
194,00 €
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